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Science Week at St James'

Maple Class


Does it float in the moat?


Our main Science Week challenge was to investigate floating and sinking and to find out if different objects will float or sink in the castle moat.


We sorted the objects into hoops when we had tested to see if they would float or sink.



Willow Class


In Year 1 we received a letter from a knight, asking for our help to rescue him from the tallest tower in the castle. We talked about ways to get him out as safely as we could. We decided to make parachutes( spinners) to help him get down. We then made our spinners using paper and paper clips.


We made predictions about which size spinners would be the slowest and then we tested them out.


    Our results showed that the biggest spinners were slower than the smaller ones, so we decided they would be best ones to use to rescue the knight from the tower.

Elm Class


Can you make a simple circuit?


The children explored the equipment in school to make the bulb light up! enlightened



Can you create and make a simple circuit?

The children were able to create their own circuit. They were then able to draw the circuit that they had made using the correct symbols.

Can you fix a circuit?


The children were given some 'circuit cards' to investigate. They had to create the circuit that each card was showing to check if it would work. If the circuit did not work the children were able explain why and amend the problem.




Can you investigate what will happen when we add fairy liquid to food colouring and milk?


Prediction (What do you think will happen?)

Method (What did you do?)

Observe (What is happening?)

Conclusion (What happened at the end? What did you learn?)

Finished designs for the castle: